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Book: Hjalmar Söderberg


I love Scandi-drama but even I wasn’t sure about a play in Swedish.  Turns out it was pretty good.

Featuring a one-man performance from Krister Henriksson, subtitles are projected onto a black drop above the proscenium arch as well as onto the rear of the set.  The  eponymous Dr is in love with a local woman who confesses to him, during a consultation, that she is unhappy in her marriage.  To save her from her huband’s tyranny, Glas plots to kill him and carries out his plan with clinical attention to detail.

I was worried I would miss the nuances of Henriksson’s performance whilst keep glancing up to follow the subtitles but I need not have.  His performance was so powerful that it transcended the language.  In a starkly bare set, with the most beautiful lighting I’ve seen in theatre depicting the changing seasons, Henriksson roams with restrain showing us loneliness, longing, anger, obsession, desperation and futility.  He switches back and forth between character and I never once lost track – quite a feat!


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